Exeter High School - Class of 1962
 Everly Brothers Experience Concert - June 24, 2018
Shenandoah, Iowa


Left to Right
Wayne Barkmeier, Patrick  Burns, Dean Beecher, Lonnie Dinneen,
Linde (Farstrup) McKay, Ronald Perkins, John "Pat" Hassler & James Rouch



Left to Right
Wayne Barkmeier, Carolyn Barkmeier, Bonnie Burns, Patrick  Burns,  Dean Beecher, Marsha Beecher, Lonnie Dinneen, Mary Dinneen,
 Linde (Farstrup) McKay, Eileen Perkins, Ronald Perkins, Sharon Hassler, John "Pat" Hassler, James Rouch & Donna Rouch