This morning at the Catholic church the marriage of Richard Matthews, Jr., and Miss Lena Menke was solemnized with Father McDonald officiating.

The contracting parties are very popular young people and well to do, being the children of Mr. and Mrs. Matthews of our city and Mrs. Anna Menke. They left on the morning train for a short wedding trip and on their return will live on the fine farm of Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.

Their many friends wish them prosperity and much happiness.

Fillmore County News
 Exeter, Nebraska
Thursday, July 24,


Family of Louis and Anna Marie Becker Menke

(Standing - Back Row -Left to Right)
William "Billy" Menke, Helena "Lena" Menke Matthews,
 Philmina Maria "Minnie" Menke Hammond, John Menke,
 Anna Barbara Menke Barkmeier, Sophia Menke Matthews and Henry Menke

(Sitting - Front Row - Left to Right)
Fredericka "Rica" Menke Dumpert, Anna Marie Becker Menke
 and Mary Menke Jansen



Wedding Day of Sophia Menke & William "Bill" Matthews

(Standing - Back Row -Left to Right)
John Menke, Frank Hammond, August Barkmeier, William Matthews,  Sophia Menke Matthews, William "Billy" Menke, Helena "Lena" Menke Matthews, Henry Menke, William Jansen, unknown child and Adam Dumpert

(Adults Sitting - Front Row - Left to Right)
Elizabeth "Lillie" Nevins Menke holding child,  Maria "Minnie" Philmina Menke Hammond holding child, Anna Barbara Menke Barkmeier with children Louis and Rose on her right, Ella on left and Helena "Lea" on lap, Anna Marie Becker Menke, Mary Menke Jansen and children, Fredericka "Rica" Menke Dumpert
 and children