Wayne & Carolyn Barkmeier

Family Ancestry Information

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Barkmeier Family Tree
Descendants of Philipp (Johann Philipp) and Anna Maria (Quelle) Barkmeyer

Becker-Menke Family Tree
Ancestors & Relatives of Anna Barbara (Menke) Barkmeier


Carolyn A. Barkmeier
Brothers & Sisters
Grandparents - Johnsen
Grandparents - Ziegler

Wayne W. Barkmeier
Grandparents - Barkmeier
Grandparents - Thompson
Great Grandparents - Barkmeier
Great Grandparents - Menke
Great Grandparents - Thompson
Great Grandparents - Zong
Aunt & Uncles - Barkmeier Family
Aunt & Uncles - Thompson Family
Great Aunts & Uncles - Barkmeier Family
Great Aunts & Uncles - Thompson Family

Hometown - Exeter, Nebraska

Exeter High School - Senior Class of 1962
50th Year High School Reunion - Class of 1962

University of Nebraska College of Dentistry - Senior Class of 1969
40th Year Dental School Reunion - Class of 1969

In Memoriam - Dr. John B. Heyde


Story of an Orphan Train Rider - Sister Mary Raphael Geyger