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 Frederick John and Mary Catharine (Tepe) Barkmeier

Frederick John Barkmeier and Mary Catharine Tepe were married in Riemsloh, Germany in 1863. They immigrated to the United States in 1889 and settled near Exeter, Nebraska.

Plat maps (1905) of the Exeter Township and the Fairmont Township in Fillmore County showed Fred and Mary as the owners of a 80 acre farm in the Exeter Township and a 160 acre farm in the Fairmont Township.

Plat Map  - Exeter Township - Fillmore County - 1905


Plat Map  - Fairmont Township - Fillmore County - 1905


A 1918 plat map of the Exeter Township showed that the 80 acre farm was then owned by Frank Barkmeier, the eldest son of Fred and Mary.

Fred and Mary farmed the 160 acre farm in the Fairmont Township for several years. The farm of their daughter, Anna Marie, and her husband, Frank Ekeler, was located across the road north and to the east.

After Fred died in 1916, their son, William "Bill" Fredrick Barkmeier and his wife, Anna Marie (Winkler) Barkmeier, farmed the land. Mary and Victoria Geyger, their adopted daughter from the orphan train, lived with them for awhile and then moved in with Fred and Mary's son, Frank Barkmeier, on his farm southeast of Exeter. 

Fred and Mary's son, Henry "Hank" Mathias Barkmeier, and his wife, Mary (Harre) Barkmeier rented a 160 acre farm from Peter Michaely that was located immediately east of the 160 acre farm owned by Fred and Mary. They later moved into a home on the northwest edge of Exeter. After Frank died in 1928, Mary and Victoria moved into Exeter and lived with Henry "Hank" and his wife, Mary.

Following Mary's death in 1935, the farm owned by Fred and Mary was sold  to Bert Schwab in 1941. The farm was rented from October 8, 1947 to November 4, 1983 by Leo Ekeler and his wife Dorothy (Harre) Ekeler. Leo is the son of Fred and Mary Barkmeier's daughter, Anna Marie (Barkmeier) Ekeler, and her husband, Frank Ekeler.


From 1918 Fillmore County Atlas


Plat Map  - Fairmont Township - Fillmore County - 1918


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